How to create a quick access icon? E.g. phone app

Hi all,

I might be unusual but I actually use my smartphone as a telephone! I.e. to ring people. However, using Blloc Ratio for this is frustrating because there’s no way I can find to make some apps which I use frequently, easier and quicker to access. This is actually why I’m not using atm, because it’s frustrating to have to look for the icon in the tiles folders or type into the app search bar.

So, is this a possible feature of Ratio? If so then how to do it please.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

You can create a separate drawer in which you can have all the essential apps that you use more . And to categorise between them you can use different colour markers.

But anyways the basic intention of using Ratio is to make apps harder to access , so that you can reduce your screen time. So adding a functionality like you are asking for would go against the basic belief.
Hope this helps :grinning:

Hi @bhagyesh2491,

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, that’s a workaround, but I think the reduce-screen-time approach doesn’t really apply to the phone app, it’s not exactly one which is used visually except to start the call!

I will try the workaround, but I suspect it will be unsatisfactory as it will still require more taps than I’m used to.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face: