How to add OUTLOOK or any other application onto ROOT

How to add OUTLOOK or any other application onto ROOT.

Root has a default set of options that you can use. You can’t add thrid party apps to it. Blloc needs to support this feature. But if you add all apps it will not reduce usgae instead it will do opposite. So it is what it is. That’s blloc mode and that’s ratio.

I wonder if Blloc would consider certain productivity app widgets though, for example i use Todoist as my core planner and scheduling tool for personal and work, essentially it’s my digital organiser and imagine if im able to keep a consistent view of tasks in root - to me that would be like putting digital sticky notes.

I think to an extent there has to be some consideration to add productivity tools like the Todoist or calendar app. These things are not easy to build from the ground up.

That’s a great feature to have. But other third party apps also need to support like having some api. But they don’t do that. They have their own set of things sync between devices. So you can add widgets in root say for example but that also not in consistent with ratio design