How to add new drawer?

Sorry if this is a basic question but I have absolutely no idea how to add a new drawer. I am able to edit the names of existing drawers and move apps between them, but how do I make a new drawer? This is not obvious to me at all.


Tap and hold the ratio icon in the search bar…youll see new drawer option there

@lluvia Please refer to the FAQ and watch the videos found in it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies and help everyone.

I still think this is valuable UX feedback. The long press affordances aren’t very discoverable.

A few possible suggestions:

  1. If you tap on the ratio icon, it should open and show the menu. As is, tapping it just gives haptic feedback and it doesn’t seem like it does anything (seems broken?). Long pressing can still act as it currently does.
  2. There should be an explicit “New Drawer” button when you go into Ratio Settings > Tiles > Edit apps & drawers > My Drawers