How to activate color mode

i have installed ratio pro from windows and tried to grant color mode permission but fail and request blloc desk access and reinstalled it again and can’t do it from windows plz how can i activate it . my phone is oppo reno 2 cph1907

if you install via blloc desk it will work. Ratio Guide: Installing & Setting up Ratio

Go to your phone settings, search for “modify system settings”. In that, enable the permission for ratio.

did that already still not working

did that also step by step and can’t find how to Grant permission from blloc desk

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Blloc desk will write permission into android OS for ratio using ADB.

i have uninstalled it 2 times now and still have the same problem and reinstalled it from Blloc Desk with admin perm and activated all perms and system modification and app lock and notifications and color mode but still have the same problem and started to crash when i use the Blloc assistant

i have solved the problem by wiping my phone and started fresh and installed legacy hardware adb driver and toggled of app verify under usb debugging and monitoring permissions thnx for help .