How long does it take to get an invitation code?

I’ve registered for Blloc Ratio last month. I haven’t received invite code yet. Usually how long does it take to get an invitation code?

You will get the code along with community joining link mail.

Please check other email folders including junk

There is only a link to activate account in the community joining mail. Nothing else.

I got 2 mails from Blloc. One I received when I registered for Blloc Ratio. The second one I got today when joined Blloc Community.

One more will come. Did you checked all folders of your inbox

yes I checked. nothing yet.

I think it’s over now, no more beta testers

:pleading_face:then why register form on site :frowning:

Its not over. I got invite code yesterday🤩

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Just wait patiently.:blush::partying_face:

was it shared invite or did you register?

I did register for Ratio last month. Didn’t know it will take this long to get invite code.

I did register for ratio last 2 weeks, please it will get invitation code for fully installation

Intall ratio from the playstore. Its available there now.

I have install ratio, plese send me invitation code sir

If you’ve installed Ratio via the Play Store, you wouldn’t need an invitiation code anymore. This method has been discarded since Ratio v3.2.8 (for the record, the current version at the time of writing is v3.3.2).

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with installation! Once Ratio’s downloaded and installed via the Play Store, you should be ready to go.

Given the inaccuracy of this thread due to the updated methods of installation, I’ll be closing this thread soon.

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