How can I invite friends to Blloc


I recently started using the Blloc launcher and I can’t stop talking about it over social media.

Few of my friends who happen to be bloggers/YouTubers want to try out the Blloc Launcher and potentially make a video on it.

Is there a way I can pass the invite faster or they can get in touch so that you can allot the invite?

Please let me know :slight_smile:

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They can file fo an invite request at blloc! Tech Youtubers already knew this. Ask them to file for an invite and they’ll get it in the next wave.

The user invite system is supposed to go live sometime soon tho

Thank you!

They’ve already requested for the invite, I was just wondering if there could be a way to get them faster but I guess they just have to wait like everyone else :stuck_out_tongue:

I can it install in my one plus 7??
Please guide me…

> use these resources of information

Download Blloc Desk from link in email

Install Blloc Desk
Run Blloc Desk as admin (if you’re using PC)
Connect your device (OnePlus 7) to your PC / Mac
Make sure necessary drivers are installed (I suggest to install fast boot and system vide adb)
Make sure USB connection is set to transfer files
Enable developer mode, usb debugging, allow computer as trusted
Follow on screen instructions on the Blloc Desk app

If you have issues, reach out to us at

Bluntly asking to “help me install” without mentioning your issue isn’t right way mate.

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Hey, you can invite friends. But nor from the community, you’ll have to Reset License and then go to the invite friends tab, u can invite at most 2 friends.