[HIGH PRIORITY] Major Bugs in ratio. needs immediate fix

Hi Blloc/Ratio dev team,

Major bugs still not fixed in ratio.

  1. App lock issue
  2. Notification count in tiles is wrong
  3. Usage count in tiles is wrong / not updating
  4. Battery consumption is very high.

As for me these are very major high priority bugs needs to be squashed as soon as possible. As these are affecting the core functionality of #ratio making it unable to use it for daily purposes. Please fix it. Ratio is already in beta but so much basic bugs are repeating again and again after several major releases.

Please fix these core bugs first.
Its really making me to switch different launcher as these are considered main functionality but still not fixed or addressed as of now.

please fix it guys.



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They are already well aware of these bugs. It’s not surprising for a beta though, that’s the whole point.

These kind of bugs are not for beta users. Bets is just 1 small step before stable release. But here is complete opposite. So many basic functionality bugs that still not addressed after couple of releases.

There is also beta releases in Google play store and you can say how stable that is. This ratio is not beta I can say it’s in alpha phase then beta. Way farther to beta

There could be many reasons why those bugs aren’t fixed yet. I’m just saying that they’re aware of them, so it might not be necessary to demand them to be fixed. And a free beta without a release date can be as buggy as the developers want, as long as it’s secure. Had you pay for it, it would be a different story.

Note that I’m not affiliated to ratio so the opinion of the devs might differ from mine.


I 100% accept your opinion. But the above is my feedback

Sorry if I am bit rude. But please fix those. I want stable ratio.

Completely agreed, we’re aware of all of these bugs and we know what’s a priority so no need to remind us … We’re doing our best, some of these issues like the battery impact are new bugs and it’s not something that we can fix in two days so please be assured that we work on those and please be patient.