Hide apps in "Focus mode"

I have been trying the Unpluq Launcher for a few days and I find that having distracting apps hidden from the entire launcher definitely helps focusing.
So, my suggestion is that Ratio can first rename the current “focus mode” theme to “black mode” (or whatever besides “focus mode”) then bring back the old focus mode (Or create a new theme) and in it, users can hide some apps that they find distracting and they will never show up in any drawers or search. All apps are automatically set to greyscale (will return to normal settings upon exit of the theme) and if apps that are hidden are opened from settings, a pop-up will appear and automatically force return to launcher screen.

Sth like this:

I think that should help with productivity.
Hope the devs can consider implementing it~

p.s. The pop-up can be done by other apps such as Lock Me Out

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