Hi i'm new and i have an unsupported device: Huawei nova 2i

Device brand and model:

Huawei nova 2i

Ratio version:

Problems encountered when using ratio:

Unsupported device, already sent a mail with my device 1 month ago and nothing appened since


(Include here the required 6 screenshots of the UI. IMPORTANT: set the display and font size to default)

Hello @Johnny, welcome to the community!

It seems that you’ve filled categorised your post somewhat inaccurately; no worries though, I’ve amended your post categorisation.

I’m not certain I understand your question, so I’ll give multiple explanations depending on what you meant:

1. You've filled in the form and have waited for quite a while

Your device shouldn’t play a significant role in determining when you’ll receive your invitation; however, this time period of when you’ll receive your invitation can vary. Some in the forums have reported receiving their invitation after a few days, whereas some months. If possible, I’d like to recommend you to wait just a little longer. Otherwise, try to contact Blloc (either by the Intercom interface in the website or via e-mail as a last resort) to explain your case.

2. You've already waited a while and tried to contact Blloc

In this case, please wait a little more for Blloc to get back to you!

3. You've already gotten Ratio but you'd like to request your device to be officially supported

In this case, the other two may not apply to you. Regardless, it’s great that you have Ratio! Despite so, please ensure that your thread fulfils the requirements listed here:


Once you’re done, please tag us (moderators, admins, or Level 3 members) to move your question back to the ‘Unsupported devices’ category!

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, I was saying that i’ve one month ago sent request for the activation code on the ratio site. Since then i’ve had no response, only today i’ve gotten feedback for inscribing to the blloc community so i thought it was related