Help installing from BllocDesk on Pixel 3XL

Received my code about 2 hours ago, I managed to install Ratio Light from the email link. I tried to install Ratio from the BllocDesk app on Mac and I get loads of errors.

Various Javascript errors and a Device Not Supported error as well.

Any ideas?

Post a ss…and what device are you using?

These are known bugs. Please post a screenshot. Try to install with these “error” as well and update us here

Here’s a screenshot, device is Pixel 3XL

I tried uninstalling the BllocDesk app and that got me further, it downloaded the most recent version of Ratio but I was getting this Javascript error all the way through

Then when it came to installing, I got the unsupported device message again

I managed to get this far

But now it’s stuck on 36%, I managed to get to this point twice and it got stuck both times

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Kindly check on this link, it may help to solve your problem

Same thing here, I uninstalled and reinstalled Blloc Desk too. Most of the time it just ends up throwing an unsupported device error, but occaisionally I got it to go part of the way through before having issued. I’m on Windows 10 though, not Mac

I managed to install Ratio Pro finally, I installed BllocDesk on a Windows PC and that seemed to work, it was still throwing up unsupported device errors but after restarting the program a few times it worked.

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Javascript Errors on BllocDesk and devices not supported on Bllocdesk is fixed now!

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Hi @adham

Please add Honor play to supported device list I am asking for almost a month now. I also requested in unsupported category @Ismael I am the one requested first for unsupported devices please add support soon. Waiting for very long time now.