Has anybody succesfully used the RSS feature in root page?

Whenever I click RSS and then reddit or hacker news it just says Source “item” not found; item being reddit or hacker news.

Are there any ways we can supply our own RSS feed? I’m keen to add RSS feeds for pages like techmeme :joy:


Not me lmao. Have the same error message as you.

No. I have reddit but it says app or item not found all the time

Sadly, no. It says not found.

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Yes, I have the same issue.

versionName: 3.1.7
versionCode: 30107
build time ms: 1588339847013
build date hr: 2020-05-01T13:30:47.013Z
variant: ratioRelease
cp vers: :10
debug: false
model: GM1913

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@joel.tan @bliau03 @freyjasasi @cvrlo @JosePProenca Thanks for reporting! We’ll look into this.


Thanks @Sylvia! Was wondering is there any plan on the roadmap to enable custom rss ? I’m keen to add things like ozbargain or techmeme onto root for quick reviews when I start my day :slight_smile:

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Did you try adding custom “news” sources. I think something similar can be implemented in the RSS instead of limiting it to reddit and so on.

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