[Guide] [Windows] Installing Ratio Pro on Mi and Poco Phones

Hi there guys. :slight_smile:

I have seen many threads created here on the forums about problems in installing ratio pro in the Mi and Poco phones. But few were able to install it without a problem. I was completely intrigued by this and wanted to figure out what the problem was.

So, when @DanielToPaker pinged me in the discord server, we both buckled up on finding out. And we finally managed to install Ratio Pro on his Poco F1.

So, without further ado, below is the how part.


  1. Ratio invite. (Check your inbox, promotions and spam folders for mail from Blloc Inc)
  2. Bllocdesk app.
  3. Xiaomi USB drivers - Download
  4. A Xiaomi or Poco phone.
  5. A Mi account and the account login in your phone.
  6. Developer mode enabled in your phone. - How to

A. Providing USB debugging permissions:

  1. Download the Xiaomi USB drivers, unzip the package and paste the packge in your C: drive.
  2. Go to the developer mode of your phone, and enable the following permissions:
  3. Unlock your phone and connect it to the PC. Keep the phone unlocked throughout the process.
  4. Turn on data transfer mode in USB connection notification. (Ensure that your cable supports data transfer).
  5. Go to desktop, press shift + right click. From the pop up menu, select “Open powershell window here”.
  6. Once the powershell is opened, type “adb devices” and press enter. The deamon should start running.
  7. Now, check your phone, it should as for permission asking your PC to be allowed for USB debugging. Provide the permission in the phone.
  8. Now, it should show your phone listed as adb device. (It will show an alphanumeric value against “adb devices”).

B. Installing Bllocdesk and Ratio Pro:
Now that we have provided the necessary USB debugging permissions, follow the below guide for installing Ratio Pro: (Thanks to @BobbyV8)

  • Installing on PC:
    • Save / Move BllocDesk.exe to Desktop
    • Rightclick on BllocDesk.exe and run as Administrator
    • If installation is blocked by Windows with a dialogue ‘Windows Protected PC’, click “Run Anyway”
    • Allow Access on the Windows Defender Dialogue.
    • Go to Install > Follow Steps mentioned there.

Step 2 - Installing Ratio Pro

  • Navigate to Install
  • Step 1 & 2 Instructions to be followed on your device.
  • Enter your code on Step 4
  • Step 5 downloads Ratio. This could take time depending on your internet speed.
  • Step 6 is to allow necessary permissions (this is the reason Ratio needs to be installed over a system)
  • Step 7 is to accept T&C (You’re supposed to read it!)
    Note - In the process a screen splashes on your device to input code, DO NOT input anything. BllocDesk is supposed to do the job.
    Run as Admin (if operating on a windows PC)

Ta Da! Your Ratio Launcher is ready to be used on your device, just allow some permissions.

Hope this guide helps. If this doesn’t work, please discuss in this thread instead of creating a new one. That way, others too can gain the knowledge. :slight_smile:


I got it to install without any of the prior setup, but I didn’t get the t&c’s screen. So I’ve got Ratio without accepting the terms :s

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I’ve installed launcher via “light”…so if i did these launcher will again install? or should i have to uninstall my launcher first then re-install via PRO?

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You mean you didn’t have to go to step 7? Did you install via pc or blloc services in phone?

You need to uninstall lite and reset your code in members.blloc.com.
Then you can install pro using the above method.

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In the upcoming updates,is there any chance for:
1.Blloc PRO for Linux?
2.get rid of the Irregularity while installing via blloc pro?

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  1. Use this link for Linux support:
    [User Guide] Running BllocDesk on Linux (Working)

  2. What irregularities? Also, if you want quick discussions, join the discord server.


I meant problem with Poco phones,yea solution is updated*

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The problem with mi and poco phones are the nightmarish usb debugging permissions set my Xiaomi.
The devs are looking into automating the above process. Might happen when the phones are officially supported.


eagerly waiting for that.There are many POCO users in here,so it might be pretty much good if Poco officially get supported

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Blloc will definitely add more devices soon in each update. Please be patience.


Correct, I never saw step 7 and I was using my PC. It installed then took me back to the input code step, which started the install again. It got stuck in a loop. After doing that three times I gave up, disconnected my phone and then realised Ratio was installed.

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That’s completely weird. But again, might be because it is unsupported yet.

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Hi I’m trying with my pocophone F1, when I use the adb devices command nothing happens. The file transfer is active. Possible problem with the driver?

should I still install the services apk and install the 2 components (Ratio + Blloc Lines)?


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The driver package should ideally work. You can try installing the Google usb driver package and check once.


you can use the lite version nah,its very simple…maybe ones supported for poco,we can go for bllocdesk…am using lite version,perfectly good

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When i install nothing happends:



Could it be due to the fact I’m running a custom Rom?

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ya i had face the same,but thers a solution for that,i got it from one of the member in this community.It worked perfectly for me…

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i will give you the method:
Step-1—open Xiaomi Downloads app, then open Blloc Services.
Step-2----download the app (Ratio Light/Blloc Lines) via Blloc service, and then open the Downloads app, pause the app download.
Step-3— force stop Blloc service, and then resume the download on Downloads app.
Step-4—after it finished, just open it and install the apk like usual.

Repeat the same step to install other apk.