Greyscale and others

i have just changed my phone and i bought samsung a52 5g and downloaded ratio on google play but i cant use grey scale etc what should i do? i tried with blloc desk but it keeps giving error

If Blloc Desk isn’t recognising your device then like so many others before, including myself you will have to take the adb route which requires the use of a computer, sorry.
If your unfamiliar with adb I have posted a link to help you out, it’s really not as scary as it looks and unfortunately it’s the only way.

thank you for your help

Your welcome.
Should you decide to go down the adb route the information for Windows users is a little outdated where the promt is concerned when using the powershell.
Instead of just adb it is .\adb before every command
or ./adb I can’t remember now which way the slash goes but I’m pretty sure it’s .\adb if it’s wrong you won’t do any harm Windows will simply throw a wobbly with an error message so start again with the other way round.
When a command has been successfully entered you don’t get any confirmation from Windows you just don’t get any error warnings, thanks Windows. Refer to your devices Ratio settings to check for success.
Hope that helps and the best of luck.

Hi there,
Blloc desk development has been halted for while… Meanwhile you can enable the system wide permissions by accessing Official method by Blloc using Ratio Tool…
You can download using this link…

Yes of course, I keep getting my Blloc Desk and Ratio tools muddled up, I forgot there was a Blloc Desk.
I thought the OP was referring to the Desktop Tool.
Your answer is the correct way to go first then if that fails it’s adb time.
Sorry :disappointed:

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No imma the soulution you gave to him is all perfect… But not everyone is good at adb thing… A simple wrong command may cause some serious issue… (might be)…
You’re doing great to this Blloc community… Keep doing it :blush:

Thanks HITMAN.
It’s just that I would hate to think some new users are running for the Hills and back to their old launchers simply because they can’t grant the elevated permissions to Ratio.
I myself nearly gave up as my device wasn’t recognised by the desktop tool but I could see the future potential for Ratio and so having never done it before used adb and yes, it was a little daunting but well worth it.
adb using the correct command is actually very safe.
Windows just throws an error message if you input incorrectly however, that being said tinkering around with incorrect commands could result in problems.
I honestly believe Ratio will one day become the best and most popular launcher on Playstore, the proactive nature of both the dev’s and the community should ensure this.
I have never come across a community that’s so helpful and pleasant before both here, on Discord and Facebook so I always try to repay the help I have been given in the past by helping others.
We we’re all newbies once, lol.

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I am using a Oneplus 9 Pro, and for some reason, even after granting the systemwide permissions via Ratio Tool, the faster animation, greyscale apps and ratio for assistant cant be turned on.
I turn on the toggle, back out to Tile home, and its disabled again.
Any thoughts on what’s causing this?
I have every permission given.
Also, I do miss the double-tap to lock screen, but I understand the problem it might bring with a fully stacked tile page

It’s a bug present in the current version and will hopefully be fixed soon. :wink:

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