Grey scale mode

Grey scale mode is not behaving as expected, with (ex.) Firefox selected as grey in the app settings, if I close and reopen it the grey scale disappears, same applies for the launcher, if I long press the home button in the launcher to set it to grey scale, and then open and close an app, the grey scale mode turns off.
Also, in the rare occasions that it remains active from grey scale app -> grey scale app, in the animation colors are still active.
Pixel experience on pocophone F1 Android 10

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Your phone is unsupported… follow the above link…

I see, didn’t know that
In any case, pixel experience is built on the pixel 3 version of Android, I expect it to work very similarly

You got a point there… @olivier… could shed some light here

@elia.maggioni @jaishetty007 They are still different devices. What would be super helpful to fast track it since they are similar is posting the necessary screenshots on the unsupported devices :).

Make sure to do that Elia :smiley:

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