Great work so far it is good

First of all thank you for the invitation.
Today i have installed ratio. So far it is great.

Suggestion: Pls change the way to add apps to new app drawer. It is difficult to drag and rearrange apps separately. Pls add option to select apps from drawer so it will be easy to rearrange them.

I agree with your point that it’s slightly tedious to arrange apps around! I like the different way Ratio has tried to implement it, though.

As far as I know (and I say this with little experience), you can edit your apps and which drawers they are assigned to at one go under Ratio Settings > Tiles. Unfortunately, you’ll need to make more drawers (Blloc logo > New drawer) before heading into the settings since you can’t add drawers from there. I find this a much better way to sort your apps!

Your suggestions are already implemented regarding adding apps to drawers from list of apps, it is available under ratio settings > Tiles.

Kindly remember, feature requests go here Your Ratio Wishlist