Got the Invite to the community, but didn't receive verification code

I got invite to the community about 3 hours ago, how long do one usually have to wait for verification code? And can I install lite version without the code?

I’m in the same situation here lol
What device did you sign up for?

Redmi K20, which is just a rebranded Mi 9T.
Its a supported device.

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Oh nice. I’m using a Fairphone, so I guess I’m in no luck. Maybe I’ll try to sign up for pixel 3, cause they have similar specs. i don’t know… xD

Hi, welcome to the community,

Check all email folders carefully. There’s a chance it can end up in spam (happened to me). And its true, the email with the code can delay abit.

Essentially, you should get 2 emails from blloc, one having the code. If you haven’t received both just be alittle patient.

Hope this helps

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Thank you, I did anticipate a wait earlier. But how long did u have to wait? So that i get an estimate.
Thanks again.

Personally, it was about under an hour. But lets say, hopefully before the day is out, you should have your email with the code.

In any case, as long as you got the invitation the code will eventually come.

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That helps! Thanks.

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Oh ok. But may it be possible I didn’t receive one because my device is not on the supported list and they decided just to let me in the community?

I can’t say for sure about your situation. We can only speculate and I’m personally, of the opinion that you would probably get the code.

Remember that the blloc team probably know the up to date list of supported phones. Like I told @sbarwad20595, the best thing to do is simply wait.

Hopefully you get a great surprise soon :+1:

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Well, I really like your opinion :smiley:

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I’m the same situation too

how long are u waiting for?

5 hours so far

It’s been over 9 hours for me, still no code.

14 hours for me, they said i usually takes a day or two. So lets be patient.

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I recieved the email about an hour ago. Completed the tutorials got verified. Searched the community for relatable queries and checked the emails for the code email as well. Turns out I haven’t recieved it yet. So I am typing this up here just to mark as a checkpoint if anything doesn’t work out as is claimed to be. :smile:

Try searching “blloc inc” in your mail, somtimes its somewhere mixed-up in your mail

Well, I thought I was the only one :smile:
My phone is a Mi9T (K20?) and I’ve been waiting for 2 hours. I will write here when I get the message.
Take care!

I did. I tried everything mentioned in this thread. My device is K20 Pro. Guess I will just wait some more. :peace_symbol: :smiley: