Google Pixel 2XL (bugs)

Device brand and model: Google Pixel 2XL

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Ratio version: 3.2.1:22

Problems encountered when using ratio:

  • Spotify media control not working at all in the root
  • Can’t pair the device to the blloc desk, is not showing any error it just stay in “Currently pairing” state
  • Not all apps are displaying in the homescreen the usage times. But with a long press the detail are correct
  • Sometimes the ratio Settings are a little buggy but i don’t know how to reproduce the bug


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PS: Thanks so much for all this work. I really appreciate the idea and is working really great in term of performance and battery drain. Thank you again to all the blloc staff :smile: :heart:

And if you need any help in the language transcription i’m italian native :it:


Thank you for issue report.
We will look closely on this.
Stay tuned.

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