Google assistant Squeeze Feature on Pixel 3 XL

Since I installed the ratio launcher I can no longer Squeeze the side of the pixel to open Google assistant etc… does the ratio launcher disable this feature?

Squeeze works for me on pixel 4xl, I don’t think it’s a disabled feature in general

So when you squeeze it the assistant opens?

Yup, even after 3.2.5 update!

It only works with me i don’t use ratio. Once I activate ratio as my launcher I can no longer use to the Google assistant Squeeze

If you want the squeeze function back change
Settings>apps& notifications>default apps> assist app to Google

Actually it’s not working. Everytime i change it to Google it stays at ratio! Not working

Have you tried disabling “Use Ratio as the assistant app” in Ratio Settings? I believe that this setting will always override your assistant app preferences even if you manually did it in your phone settings. Try to disable this and try again?

It finally worked. I had to disable ratio as the assistant from the settings first then from the mobile settings. Now I can squeeze and open assistant but I can’t change colors from normal to grey… It’s either this or that!

You can change grey scale via the new quick settings shortcut now, doesn’t that work?

Where is that? Quick settings shortcut?

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Got it… it works now. Thanks

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