Getting verification code for bloc desk

I received invitation for Ratio but I didn’t receive any blloc desk verification code. Do I need to register for any referral program or something?

Ratio without Blloc desk does not let user experience full potential of this platform. So how can I get verification code?



You don’t need a verification code for Blloc Desk as far as I know. Where exactly does it prompt you to enter one? Would you share a screenshot?

Oh okay never mind, I figured about that for installing Ratio app on phone. Sorry xD

Same here… Even i didn’t get invitation code…

As far as I know this is needed for Ratio pro. If you install Ratio via the apk it is considered as Ratio Lite.

The difference between Ratio pro and lite as of now is minimal but in future it may have pro specific features.

P.S. Even I am not getting the verification code.

@Nostalgia if you have anything to add please do so. Thanks

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Now i know, why i dont get also a verification code, theve just emailed me an apk file service.

Not quite. Look here for the details: Ratio Pro vs Ratio Light


Yep, and via that apk you can install all there momentarily is to Ratio. :blush:
“Pro” (the tree) will later be added as in app subscription. :blush: