Getting notifications and able to respond to them using Blloc desk only

Blloc Desk is already a very useful app but there are a few apps like Windows your phone app etc. that do a slightly better job of making the Laptop/PC your primary device and don’t require you to carry your phone all the time. If you are working on your laptop, you should be able to get notifications and also reply to that using the laptop/PC.

I understand that you need to get a lot more user data and permissions to make that a reality but I think if you will give this as an option and make these things very clear to people (showing big notifications about data privacy) than more people will be willing to use Bllock Desk.

I understand that this is not what Blloc is about but I think this can be a nice additional option.

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Thanks for the input! We are currently using this thread to aggregate all the suggestions received, it makes it easier to track everything, so if you could add this (and future suggestions) there, it would help us out a lot :slight_smile: