Gaming app issue

While playing game (pubg) if any call come, if I pick up and end call the game goes in potrait mode and 75% screen become black. One icon appears in right bottom corner which restart the game.
Screen shot is attached for more details and about call it didn’t matter if I talk for 5 sec or more than that game goes in potrait mode.

Ive seen this issue happen before… on my device…on oxygen launcher… didn’t find any workaround though

But I haven’t seen this issue before using ratio launcher …not a single time

Try setting the App orientation of the gaming app ie PUBG as well as Game Space (on OnePlus device) to “LANDSCAPE” orientation ( by long pressing the app tile and selecting orientation) and see if it still switches to potrait orientation when you receive a call.

Doesn’t happen on my OnePlus 7T whether on Oxygen Launcher or on Ratio Launcher.

PUBG has some sort of orientation issues. It doesn’t happen with other games tho. I’ve encountered this and while it was stuck in portrait, I enabled auto rotate. Upon exiting the game, my device was stuck in Landscape. Had to clear cache to fix it.