Galaxy S9 running Blloc Ratio Pro, despite being an unsupported device

Device brand and model:

Samsung Galaxy S9

Ratio version:


Problems encountered when using ratio:

No problems


Yes. Ratio Light can run on multiple devices. That’s why we have this unsupported device section, so you can contribute to the devs and let them know of issues or successes. Thanks for posting !

I’m running Ratio Pro. Did you install via Bllocdesk? If so, then probably the Ratio Trello Board has not been updated. That’s fine though, glad to know it works. We’ll make sure to tell them team to update the Board :smiley:

Yeah I got the email yesterday, installed Bllocdesk and within minutes got Ratio running with no problems

I also installed the Pro version today. Are you really not experiencing any issues?

I can’t move apps between Drawers through the Ratio Pro settings and Root seems to be pretty broken for me, at least when it comes to pinning / screenshots of cards.

I also don’t think background is working.

Not that I’m complaining as it’s not supported after all.

Got the invite today and installed it immediately. Works flawlessly without even one single issue. Very happy to have it!!