Galaxy s20 series anything yet

Anything yet for the galaxy s20 series … would like to know

Nothing as of now. Stay tuned for info on more supported devices.

Currently testing on that device. 3.1.8 won’t have support for it, but 3.1.9 definitely will. It should come very soon


Wow. Great work team.

Did a ratio app file on my s20 plus and wow…l like it…,

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Wait for it. Next update is even more special

Galaxy s20+ ( ratio) any thing yet¿¿

Majority of the S20 series are now officially-supported devices, referring to the public roadmap.

You may go ahead and try check Ratio out, but just as any other device, we can’t assure that your experience will be 100% smooth (you’re experiencing a Beta version, anyway!).

Works great on my galaxy s20 plus, but, one thing , messages, what happen¿