Galaxy S20 phone installation process with MacBook pro

Will this work on the Galaxy S20 phone, yes,no…l

The only supported devices at the moment are Pixel 4/XL and OnePlus 7 variants.

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Okay, thank you for this information

Hi @dfigueroa903 for now there’s no support for any samsung phone, but we received a lot of requests so it’s definitely in the works.


I have a oneplus 7 pro 5G , but, returning the phone back… soon ,… no 5G because of merger with T- mobile :unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:

I also have a Samsung s8 and it would be great to have ratio on it. Got the invitation, hope to see it soon. Now I can’t install ratio unfortunately.

Do you have a time frame… Date ¿¿…

Unfortunately not. There are a lot of samsung devices. S20 will definitely be one of the firsts to be supported, but right now I can’t give you a timeframe

Can you please let me know for the galaxy s20 + …