Galaxy S10 unsupported

Device brand and model: Samsung Galaxy S10

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Ratio version:

Problems encountered when using ratio: PopUp


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This is not a forum for the PopUp. If you want your device to work, please post screenshots as said in the Template. Thank you!


I don’t know what to screenshot. Everything work, but there is a pop up from Ratio what disturb a lot

@auspiciouslynx Screenshot every area (root, main screen, ratio settings, Focus mode, sun mode, etc) This will let the devs know that your device is almost compatible and will be on the path of removing the unsupported device dialog.

But why? I tell that everything works perfekt. Why do they need screenshots of everything works?

Because the devs need to look at the aspect ratio (no pun intended) and other features are graphically correct. You are the one with a S10e device, they need to verify it works since they do not have any evidence to make it available easily. Thanks for cooperating. @auspiciouslynx