Full Screen Gestures Huawei not working

Huawei offers the system navigation “Gestures” where you can navigate by draggin from certain edged of your screen. By for example dragging from the left/righ screen edge you can go back. This naviagtion doesn’t work when inside the Blloc apps. Which makes it extremly impossible to go back, go to the recent apps menu when inside the start menu of Ratio and to leave the options menu.

Device: Huawei P20 lite
Ratio version: 3.2.3:4

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Gesture will not work in 3rd party launcher. It’s not ratio issue.

I’ve been using Nova Launcher the entire time before switching to Ratio and there it worked absolutely fine. So it’s most likely not a launcher problem in general.

yes. i also using emui. my device Honor play. same problem. in nova launcher also the gesture is not perfect. its working but not completely. In #ratio also same problem. its working but working perfectly.

Well for me it’s not working at all… I am basically stuck in the settings if I have gesture mode on and that doesn’t seem normal

when u try to leave the Ratio Settings app, you have to swipe down from the ratio settings title in top left corner, that happens because ratio settings isnt an app, its more like an overlay on your screen, same happens when you open the usage app info by long hold an app icon… you cant go “back” here, you have to close it by save & close… in the blloc services app, the gestures works. i am using huawei mate 20.

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I am a new user, and I can’t seem to understands how this ‘swiping from the settings tile’ work… I am also using Huawei Mate 20, and just got the invite.

Swipe down from here…

I am trying to save this drawer that I just made. When I swipe up from the bottom-center of the screen, the apps are not included in the drawer

Ah, yes in this situation you can use your back gesture on mate 20 when you finished editing. After going back, close drawers and wait few seconds, then it should be fine.

Still not working. I had to do this workaround to fix it https://community.blloc.com/t/not-able-to-change-apps-in-drawers/16329