For Devloper ratio!

1-weather-part/ here/ not working /i am from erbil - north iraq

2- they have to change color notifications pill and application that is working in backround !

3- idea - showing notification before opning application by swipe wor something else

4- youtube in root not working

5- scroling qwant in Root is not good when your keybord is opened!

6- timer- word (reset) showing on numbers its not beauty :thinking: onepluse 7 pro


7- idea - font size

8 - dubbl finger swipes for music control is gret idae

9- both are focuse mode ?

@reband_an Hi there, thanks for reporting! We hope the latest v3.1.7 update helped solve most if these. If you’re still experiencing issues, please can you let us know which ones.

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Dear sylvia hope you doing well :pray:
I uninstalled ratio coz i had issue with spotify application it was closing by it self some timea !
I love ratio i will back every new versions
Wishing you best .

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@reband_an Thanks for the feedback. We hope to see you again soon in future.