Folder icon & notification light malfunction

I’ve changed my folder icon but the icon animation is happening in the wrong time, how do I change the icons back to default?
My security app is muted, but the folder it’s in still flashes green light. Although the Security app itself doesn’t show any notification light on it’s icon.


What do you mean by this - do you mind elaborating? If I’m not mistaken, the drawer icon animations are meant to trigger whenever you open and close the drawer, but I’ve seen it happen randomly sometimes too.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way for you to change the drawer icons back to the default dot.

I’ve heard that there has been an issue with notifications regarding a security app - if it matches yours, then it’s likely that the team has been notified of it! The app that I’ve found that might match yours in question is the MIUI security app - check out the thread here:

Ratio is still new and therefore many bugs can and should be expected - hopefully, with enough time and patience, you’ll see that your bug is fixed!

The drawer animation is also happening when I unlock my device, close an app or a folder. Sometimes it’s showing even when the phone is idle and all the folders are closed.
Thanks for the quick response, I understand that this is in the early stages of development and I will try to report as much bugs as possible to make blloc a better experience.

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