Focus Mode App Menu Text Overlapping

Anyone else seeing text overlapping in the ratio settings menu when it first pops up? after exiting and going in again it fixes itself. Just curious if anyone else had the same thing happen to them.

Yeah I do have the same issue

Hi @Tuck3r @tarekn, thanks for the feedback!
Could one of you guys please upload a screenshot of this the next time it happens ? It’s not very clear what is happening.

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Yes same here. But I am still not able to figure out what the " Focus Mode" does. Also there is no indication whether its active or diabled.

Focus mode changes the style of the Tiles.


like how? do you have a screenshot of it as to how it changes, as i am not able to differentiate? Also is there any article or user manual about this " Focus Mode" ? I am curious to know about its functionality.


So sorry, I just noticed that activating Focus Mode adds a border to the tile. But how is it intended to help the user? I feel Focus Mode should silent the notifications from certain user selected apps , while the user is doing something productive.

My suggestions for the Focus Mode would be:-

  1. Block notifications of the apps the user chooses.
    2.Turn off Background sync.
    3.Turn on reading mode, ie monochrome mode for certain apps like Kindle and other ebooks.
  2. Switch to silent profile.
  3. Turn off/ disable distracting apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, FB till the time the focus mode is on.

Focus Mode should enable the user to make the most of his time and be more productive.

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One more Suggestion for FOCUS Mode -

I think option to Switche to “DND” mode or mute certain apps, so that the Focus can be on a set of particular apps only, would be good.

But I also feel there should be a choice of different colour marker for the app tiles in Focus Mode OR altogether there should be a choice to turn off /on the colour marker for app tiles independenly on Mode basis, because the yellow marker tiles remain yellow irrespective of Focus mode or Normal mode.

Also the other possibility is that ,maybe under normal mode I would like to mark Whatsapp tile yellow as I use it often, but under Focus Mode, when I study, I don’t want to use Whatsapp as it’s distracting and wish to mute it, un-colour it’s tile and instead have Edx app or Kindle app tile become marked yellow when I turn on Focus mode.

But as of now that’s not possible to do or customise under the Focus Mode.

In the roadmap its already mentioned that they will add dnd for focus mode…hang tight

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Yes I read the roadmap.

Apart from DND , I also wrote a suggestion for independent app tile colour switch for the Focus Mode.