Flashing Z18 OS

During the installation of Z18 OS on my phone (oneplus 7t)
After clicking start, a popup came out “install USB driver for Microsoft 64-bit successfully”.
I tried to install Oneplus USB drivers and etc but it still pops up after clicking install.
I dont know what driver to install, so please someone guide me with the driver and installation procedure.
Thanks in advance.
Vikas Anantharapu

@Sylvia Could you help here?

You are trying to install the Z18 OS? Not ratio?

You can’t flash the Z18 rom package in OnePlus 7t… If you’re trying to install ratio Launcher then click install ratio…

I installed ratio already, as there is an option i thought i can also install z18 OS on my oneplus 7t…
Correct me, if i am wrong.
Please only respond only if you guys are 100% sure with your answer.
Thanks in advance

You can’t flash the Z18 OS on any device other than the Zero 18…