Fingerprint lock block

I don’t like the new fingerprint animation. I liked old one where the whole app block would get that fingerprint icon so you could tell just by looking at the block that the app is locked…

But after the recent update that thing is gone. Now you can’t tell of the app is locked unless you click on it and then the small finger lock animations comes in which personally i didn’t like… I want the old finger lock animation back which covered the entire block.

This seems to be a bug, for me it still is that way

Think you should post in the bugs subforum

I see… I’ll post it in bug section then

Fingerprint looks like that for me, this was what you meant, right? (Fingerprint is on for “phone”)

Yes exactly… I loved this one… But since the last update I’m not getting this thing… My block is just plain like any other even after I lock it. But when you click on it then small finger lock animations comes.

Did you try:

  1. Restarting Ratio?
  2. Reinstalling Ratio?

Is your device supported? In any case I’d highly recommend the bug subforum so the devs will notice and can look into it

I restarted… But havnt reinstalled… My device is Samsung galaxy note 10 plus… Don’t think it comes under supported device

The “normal” Note 10 (not the plus) seems to be supported though. I’d maybe try reinstalling if it’s not too bothersome.
But the fingerprint still works, right? It’s just that it looks wrong.

Yes fingerprints works…

Update: I tried to lock other apps as well and noticed that this issue is only happening to the “expanded” tiles… But works fine in normal blocks.
See Facebook and linkedin are locked as well… But the finger icon is only showing in regular blocks.

Expanded tiles do not show the fingerprint indicator for me either. This might be a case for the wishlist:

It’ll be so cool if they fix this thing. I’m falling in love with this launcher lol

I’m quite invested in this one as well as it’s a really neat and sophisticated idea.

I think it’d be best to mark this thread as solved by clicking solution and to post on the wishlist thread. :slight_smile:

Sure… Thanks