Fingerprint access issue on OnePlus 7 series devices

Hi Dev team,

I am using 7T device. Issue occurs when I try to use fingerprint service in ratio. It can be completely non accessible or you can say does not work for a while

a. When using it with app drawer.
I created few new app drawers for segregation of particular apps. I locked the full drawer itself. Sometime fingerprint service works sometimes does not.
Remedy I found is when I lock and unlock my phone multiple times.

b. When application has its own security designed which user has to fill prior to access the app. Example your payment applications. I have one application which by default asks for biometric entry. So if I try to access that application I am unable to use the app. (Note: Colour of app was not monochrome).

c. When application colour is monochrome and user apply biometric security on top of it. Application is not available to user for use.

If any way, Blloc users can share the issue logs ,let us know

Happy with Blloc Ratio :heart_eyes:

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Hi @manpreetsinghgarcha, thanks for the detailed feedback, we’ll look into that.