Feedback on ratio 5

Hi there,

I’ve been a hardcore ratio user up until now but 5.0 is a big disappointment.

  • No more ratio settings app at least that I can find
  • Swipe left right from the homepage don’t work
  • Swipe up from the homepage lists all apps, I don’t like that at all
  • All drawers now have an icon in front of them

I get that all of these maybe personal preferences, however just switching them on me feels very intrusive

Addition: I found the ratio settings and changed some stuff and got it back to how I like it. I still think it was rather intrusive though


For me am still waiting for the ratio 5 on playstore

Am still seeing 4.3.2

Yeah, and the two things I loved about it (double tap to lock and hiding apps I don’t need) are also gone.


Also we can’t lock the drawer anymore. I used to lock my payment application, which I can’t do now, please tell me how to undo this version.
If I swap up the drawer all applications are listed below, I don’t know what’s the point of this application then…🤷

Don’t want this update, please undo this🙏


Yup. That’s why I uninstalled Ratio for now and went back to my go-to minimal launcher. This update made it more distracting not being able to modify it to my liking.

When will this update available in India?

Sorry for the disappointment on R5
Regarding the missing feature will expect will be back on 5.0.1…


Hiding and renaming apps should be worked on in the next release. They can even be rolled out as a minor update. Cannot rename apps in app drawer and custom icons dont seem to work.
Further, once we add an app to a user created drawer,. It should get hidden from the main app drawer else there will be duplication of apps and the app drawer would needlessly have a lot of apps we wont access from there.

Also any timeline for the next update? Ratio has become like an alpha build. The devs are doing a tremendous job however. I am sure the issues will be fixed soon. Just that the sooner it is, the more usable ratio will become again.


Quando a gente toca para abrir a pesquisa o dock poderia sumir, acredito que ficará mais limpo.

E a pesquisa poderia ser algo mais completo como o spotlight. Essa versão està linda. Parabéns

Não sei se é bug ou foi removido. Mas uma opção que eu usava muito era o marcador na pesquisa e agora não mostra mais.

I’ve been using ratio in all my android. I’m using 3 Vivo phones of android 8.1,10 and 11. I’m dissappointed with latest update Ratio 5. It look n feel like google pixel launcher. Ratio 5 has been completely changed!
I used to hide most of my apps and kept a maximum of 5 tiles per drawer. Now ratio 5 has a dock and swipe-up drawer simply like google pixel launcher.
This is absolutely unacceptable. Ratio should be one of a kind minimalist launcher. And there are other features added and some removed.
Now I reverted back on my android 11 to ratio 4.3.2 and the other 2 Vivo updated to ratio 5. I want blloc team consider the reason most of users and supporters install and will keep using ratio because of the minimalist in UI and customisation.
I’ll be following the upcoming update and how ratio will responded to users feedback


It would be nice to connect to outlook for calender and email (if this comes to conversation)

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Thanks for your valuable feedback… Will forward this to Dev’s.

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Color Mode Doesn’t Work , It toggles itself off.

Smoother animations also the same

Ratio as assistant also the same

The lock on tree shows up fingerprint popup but it goes to the tree even if the fingerprint is wrong or denied.

Rename Doesn’t Work

No app hide option

-Android 11
-Kang OS
-Miatoll (Excalibur) : Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

I understand, but you don’t need to use the dock if you don’t want to. Just remove all the apps from it, and it will disappear. Also, the swipe up gesture isn’t that intrusive imo, maybe an option to disable it would be fine? I’d say that being disappointed about this update is overreacting, as you easily can make things into what they were before.


The Launcher feels a whole lot smoother and less buggy. But the new update makes the launcher look less minimalistic and a lot more clunky and harder to use. It would be cool if more customisation features where available so that users can tweak the settings to their needs like the font size and stuff. That said, I wanted to personally appreciate the developers for taking their time and constantly making the launcher better and better simultaneously building an active and wonderful community.


Hi Guys,
something went wrong…
Where is Ratio Settings icon???

You can access the settings by using the quick options (long pressing the blloc logo in the search bar).


hehe… very intuitive
thx a lot