Feedback from me!

Hey, so here is a bit of feedback for you.
I’m running Ratio (Pro) on my OnePlus5T and I think I like it overall already, but there are definitely some things that need ironing out.

Ratio was kind of hard to install using BllocDesk and it felt very hacky. I didn’t really understand Ratio Light vs. Pro.
Getting started with using Ratio was not hard. The design is unusual, but it works just like any other launcher. Tap the button to launch an app, open folders, searching is all obvious. It was a lot of work to set up my home screen the way I wanted. Dragging Apps around individually between sections was annoying, and with all my apps it took a long time. Maybe it’s not as hard if you’re starting on a fresh phone, but migrating all those apps is really an experience that can be improved a lot. Maybe start with a default home screen that puts all commonly known time wasters in their own category for example (instead of dumping them all into “other”. I think that might be something that every user ends up doing anyways.
( I use Essentials, People, Productive, Entertainment and Other categories)

For my exam season, I locked my social media apps and that worked very well! That added friction is enough to remind me that I don’t actually want to use them right now.
I don’t get what Focus mode is supposed to help me with, though.

A few technical bugs and annoyances:

  • I can’t easily enable Night Mode (Blue Filter) anymore, because Ratio keeps control of that setting for B&W mode.
  • Some other apps (Chrome, Spotify) are repeatedly getting stuck lately since I’m using Ratio, and I need to force-restart them. I’m not sure if that’s actually related, though.

A few UXUI points:

  • When Qwanting a long phrase, it is longer than the card itself and doesn’t wrap nicely.
  • The Button in the right of the bottom search bar is weird. It doesn’t convey “this is a search bar”, and it doesn’t convey “touch me for options”. Maybe try having it more seperate. When entering a command (e.g. “Spotify Ratio”), clicking it does not execute the command, but it clears the text. Why?
  • I often find myself trying to execute commands in the app search bar, or searching for apps in the command search bar. Maybe try combining the functionality somehow?

I hope that helps you at least somewhat!

  1. Default app drawers is nice idea.
  2. Focus mode turnoff dark and white backgrounds and looks all even and only highlight app in focus for app drawer. In future they are combining focus mode plus android Do not disturb.
  3. To use night filter just turnoff graysacle mode under ratio settings.
  4. Adding apps to drawer not saving issue is fixed in ratio v3.2.4
  5. I never experienced any app issues while using ratio. Spotify and chrome works good for me without any issues.
  6. Post your wishlist under ratio wishlist thread Your Ratio Wishlist
  7. You can also track the status of new updates and upcoming one here™-roadmap
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