Feedback for Ratio 5

I’m a big fan of this launcher but this new update kills some of the actual features that most people love about ratio. The biggest disappointment is the app drawer. Why would someone need an app drawer if they want a focussed launcher? Please just remove this stupid feature in the next update. Also, selecting the apps for a particular drawer was easier before. I liked the ability to select apps from a list with checkboxes. I don’t know if that feature is still there but I couldn’t find it.
Pinning apps to dock is a feature that might be useful so no complaints here. Music player card is also much better than before.
I think the app drawer should be removed asap.

I personally think that the swipe-up gesture to open the app drawer should be optional. A lot of people, myself included, find the drawer very useful, but I understand that some people find the swipe-up gesture intrusive.