Feedback for new user

Thank you for the application
But i have some points that will help

  1. Color mode should be easier to apply
    I had insed the application twice now and every time i try … it seem complicated to me
    So if itis like the other mode it will help

  2. The root items should be customized
    Or you can add to it the app you need

  3. In the main page. I cant even put a clock
    And this is annoying …

  4. Widget support for other applications
    Even you can make a page for widgets
    That will help
    Thank you again
    And hope to see the future updates

Hi welcome to our Community,
Hope you’re enjoying the Ratio launcher.
All of you’re feedbacks are already been given by other users and Dev’s are really working hard on fixing bugs and implementing new features so stay tuned… Might take some time…