Feedback for New Feature

Hello, thanks you for inviting for try Ratio Pro. After using this launcher, I have some feeling, and I want to share it it.
Before jump to that, I really want to make clarified, some my feedback is likely contradicted for Ratio philosophy, but well, I guess maybe is good idea to be have this feature.

  1. Ratio Customization, a feature who you can customize your background launcher, or profile/mode launcher based your activity and preferences. For example, if I need focus on work, I just switch to focus mode, which background automatically change to black/white color. If I in home with family or vacation, I just switch to general mode, so the wallpaper showing up.
    This feature has been implemented for focus mode, but is good to be have more customization.

  2. Paired Device. Is been here, but I want to use my another phone to have Ratio launcher too without new invitation/license code.

  3. Ability to add a stock widget from your app on card page.

  4. A message hub like Blloc Zero OS. I know is really hard feature to be have because a limitation permission on Android, but maybe you can try implemented like Apus Message Center app, you can see on my screenshot for the app

  5. Ability to select multiple app, so we can move it really easy to new drawer, or create new without drag in one by one, is really painful.

Hope you consider that, thanks before

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