Feedback for letting Google assistant to be default assist app

Hello blloc ratio team, I just want to recommend you guys to not to force the ratio to be default assist app. I use Google assistant a lot so. Please take this into consideration. Thank you


Well you can change it anytime.

Yeah I can change it anytime but, when I change it works for a while but after sometime ratio is default assist app

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This might be occuring due to random bug as in my device I am not encountering any such issues. Btw, what device are you using ?

I’m using OnePlus 6

Select Google assistant as default Assistant app in settings & turnoff use ratio as assistant app under ratio settings. If problem persists, restart Ratio & device then change settings as advised. Should be fixed.

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I did a lot of times , but after every unlock it changed to ratio and I’ve already disabled the option to use ratio as assist app

  1. Turn off “set ratio as assistant app” in ratio settings.
  2. Change the default assistant to Google in the p phone settings.
  3. Restart ratio.

Should fix the problem.

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I was about to post the same issue. All solved with your steps. Any case what difference would it make if between ratio and google being the default device assistant? The only issue I had was when ratio is the default holding down the home button and saying “hey google” doesn’t bring on google assistant.

But I’m also thinking with Ratio set as default assistant what benefits would it have over others?