Feedback [Bugs + Suggestions] for S10 (Exynos)

Dear Blloc Team,

Hi! Got some feedback for y’all! :slightly_smiling_face: Its been quite smooth, but for


  1. Sometimes when moving apps manually (dragging) it will stutter and rebound at some random drawer [e.g. moving from ‘Others’ to ‘Favourites’, it’ll not move beyond the word “Others” or jump all the way to the top into a new drawer].
  2. (related to 1.) When moving apps, it’ll occasionally
    suddenly lose “connection” and drop it in one of the drawers its hovering over at the point of time.
  3. When locking an app, sometimes the lock won’t appear until after a while
    it’ll appear again (twice or more) when I enter a diff part of the app [e.g. Instagram, when enter the app, it prompts the lock, then when I ltr enter my profile page or Direct Message, it’ll prompt it again, even though I haven’t left the app]
  4. Sometimes when scrolling through the drawers, its a little buggy, don’t rly know how to explain.
  5. This is specifically for the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, for some reason the success rate when using Ratio’s in-built fingerprint lock feature is really terrible, I get at least 3-5 times the success rate for other apps (e.g. Whatsapp/Telegram) or the normal log-in to the phone compared to Ratio.
  6. For some reason, this productivity app I use called “Forest” identifies Ratio as an “app” and not a system-level launcher, dk if this is considered a bug or normal stuff. Though y’all may wish to look into this.


  1. Can y’all make the lock feature more consistent? Sometimes it’ll keep the app unlocked until the phone sleeps, sometimes it’ll only unlock it once. (Or y’all could allow us to choose?) Also maybe allow us to go back if we accidentally tapped on a locked app.
  2. Please please provide support for Android 10’s Gesture Navigation, a bit of a bummer having to switch back to the old style :slightly_frowning_face:
  3. When editing a drawer, could you guys categorise the different apps with each other? [e.g. apps under drawer “Others” are listed consecutively, followed by “Favourites”, etc] This will vastly improve the ease for us to search for an app which we unfortunately can’t rmb the name of. :sweat_smile:
  4. When using the “double-tap to sleep” feature, can y’all make it such that if you tap the space beside a drawer to activate said feature, it doesn’t open the drawer? Would love this, just a slight annoyance that everytime I do that the drawer is open. (OCD)
  5. Whenever a new app is installed, it auto enters a new drawer named “App Box”. Maybe in the future you guys could allow us to select which drawer new apps enter when newly installed?
  6. When we use Android “back” button, can y’all make it such that it closes all open drawers when in the home screen?
  7. Last one! I promise! Can y’al somehoe implement the feature for us to pull down the notification bars without having to reach for the top of the screen, like how most other Android Launchers do it? I know it may clash with the mechanism of the drawers, but it would be great! [my suggestion would be a: hold for a moment, then pull down at any blank space + allow us to choose the activation of this feature or not in the ratio/normal settings] < which means to edit drawers we need to directly tap & hold on the drawers’ name(s).

Yup! That’s all for now :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: I know its a lot, sorry for the lengthy Topic :stuck_out_tongue: Hope y’all don’t feel pressured! I’ll patiently wait for these to be fixed/implemented!

Best Wishes!


Adding to Point#1: When editing drawers from Ratio settings, apps that we move from one drawer to another are moved (i) to the end of that drawer and (ii) are kept selected. Should be changed to one thing.

Also to P#1: When moving an app manually the animation to take it up or down is too slow and gains speed at the very edge of the screen, threshold for that should be lowered.

Suggestion: Add the ability to group apps.

I’ve had a similar issue…

When trying to edit groups, I will go through and select which apps I would like to designate to each group. However once I am done, the apps I selected do not show in the group I designated.

This leaves me having to manually drag apps to groups.

Oh btw I found this video (I think it’s by one of the peeps here) that shows you how to move apps easily. Really helpful! One of the option also categorises apps by group in the edit section.
Here it is:

Hope they add these features to the other parts of the launcher soon though.

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It’s by our very own mod @BobbyV8.

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Oh right! Thanks for refreshing my memory!