Feature Suggestion : Autoclose Unused decks Yes No

Can we have an option to close all my other decks when one opens? Can we have this as a Blloc Setting option! Something like - ‘Autoclose Unused decks Yes No’ option

I understand that a few people will prefer to have multiple decks open at once but for me, it becomes quite messy with 4 decks open at once and I am left with no other option apart from going and closing unused decks…

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That sounds like a good idea; to me, it does have some practical value in that. I’d like to point you to the official wishlist thread, a place for recommendations and suggestions just like yours:

Do post it there as well! For now, there is a slight workaround where you can instantly close all open drawers by sliding down and holding for a while, but I see how your idea can help!

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