Feature Requests/Bugs

A few feature requests and comments from my first day with it. Overall a great home page so far. Excited for the tree feature.

Minor features/bugs:

  • When on the home screen and categories are expanded, can hitting home again collapse all the categories? I know a swipe downwards is a simple gesture, but I think having the home home page be collapsed would be intuitive/user friendly.
  • the tiles having different font sizes is annoying. Can we set a fixed font size?
  • Can we have some apps show up in multiple locations? For example, my texting app would be nice to have in both my Favorites and my social media categories.
  • For the Galaxy S9, is there a gesture to go between color and black/white?
  • Can we have the option to get rid of the “Other” and “App Box” categories? I’d like to have most apps only accessible via searching.
  • Not all apps need icons - For example when searching apps, I think a plain list of all app results would be cleaner than a bunch of tiles popping up.
  • Does setting an app to mute end up muting all notifications from it? I’d like an option to show the notifications in the notification shade, but hide the notification pill. Muting seems to hide the pill from lighting up, but it doesnt block the containing category from showing the notification pill.
  • Spotify widget should shortcut to spotify app.
  • Bug - I find that ratio restarts every time Samsung Dex is triggered (even if I don’t use Dex).
  • Bug - custom brightness setting crashes the app.
  • Some weather widget comments are at the bottom.

Larger scope features:

  • Is there a way to have the root widgets show up on the home page as well (instead of swiping to the left)? Perhaps it’d show up as a separate category “Weather” or “Music” that opens up to the widget instead of to a set of apps?
  • Can the notes widget tie into google keep somehow?
  • The expanded tile is not very useful at the moment. Doesn’t give me much more than the small tile does. Can we have the option to expand to a 1x3 or even 2x3 tile size?

Weather widget comments:

  • The weather widget vibrating when I switch between today and tomorrow is annoying.
  • Is the “Today” text with the arrow really necessary? Not sure what it adds to the widget. I figure it’s to distinguish between today view and week view, but not sure it really does that well. I’d rather week just be a collapsible section that expands the widget when open, and disappears when closed.
  • A single summary line comparing to yesterday be really useful. e.g. “Today is 5deg warmer than yesterday. Rainy.”