[feature request] several tweaks

  1. option to only allow one open folder at a time, aka close the previous folder when another is opened
  2. option to auto-close all folders every time the launcher is opened/closed
  3. only show total folder usage time when a folder is open
  4. better precipitation info in root weather
  5. support for app shortcuts
  6. speed up fast animation speed more
  7. root tile for any running media app

Hi, welcome aboard!

Thanks for giving your suggestions; they sound great! To keep the forums organised, I’ll move your thread over to the official wishlist thread. Regarding one of your suggestions, though:

I’m not sure if this is entirely feasible, since the value is kinda set to its maximum. To investigate, you’ll need to enable Developer Options (Settings > About phone > Tapping on build number seven times). Afterwards, find animation scales in Developer Options.

Seems like Ratio sets the value to 0.5x when this option is enabled, and it can’t go any faster other than disabling animations entirely. If you’d like that, be sure to disable the fast animations option in Ratio and set the animation scales to off entirely.

Thanks for joining!

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