Feature Request.Drawer close on App selection

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I would like to see an option after opening a drawer and selected an App to have the drawer close behind you a bit like the old Lotus Smart Suite of old.
Picture your at home in your kitchen, you open the T’Towel drawer and take out a towel but leave the drawer open.
Then you go to the Cutlery drawer take out an item and again leave the drawer open.
Next you go to the Glasses cupboard and take out a Glass but leave the door open.
You can see what I’m getting at here it would soon get very messy and down right dangerous so why does Ratio have to be this way.
Please could the Dev’s consider this option it’s so much more logical and in line with human behavior.


Kinda like the idea! This also adds another step to open an app, further reducing the time spent on phone.

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Yes it’s nice idea :bulb: