FEATURE REQUEST : Blloc Ratio in z18 style

Hi there,

Blloc provides a very clutter free environment for users to keep them focus and manage their smartphone habits, but it doesn’t have some essential features such as some apps (like phone and default messaging apps etc.) on home screen always for a easy access. And it would become a hassle to every time open a drawer to open an app you often use more. Also the so called “drawers” system auto-categorizes all of your apps, but this will make your phone harder to use by anyone, (for example you can think of your grandmother try to accessing your apps but they can’t because of “drawers shit”.)

By all of this, I only meant to Have a Blloc Mode and a normal mode. In Blloc mode you will have this “drawer ui” and in normal you will a normal swipe up drawer and a home screen dock to easily access an app we often did use, as we seen in 'Blloc Z18" mobile software. Developers need to make this in their next major update, and a toggle from QS tile or wherever they want, doesn’t matter.

This will integrate the app more than a launcher and by this a person only focuses when he want not all day.

Some Screenshots of blloc z18 drawer style and blloc mode toggle button in Quick settings. *sorry for bad quality *


Interesting suggestions and solid points :ok_hand:. However, just to keep order and the devs being able to find such matters easier, kindly post requests or ideas in the Wishlist


Sure brother

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I agree! Having the “Blloc mode” enabled all the time made me got accustomed to it and defeating the whole focus purpose of Ratio!
Welcome to the community by the way!


I am trying to reach the developers directly for a long but i cant, now peoples like you can help me out.


I doubt that they’ll integrate the “normal” layout from the Z18 since Ratio is “just” a launcher and no OS. But the new dock thing that’s supposed to come should pretty much serve your purpose as well. Did you get the mail?