Fairphone 3 (Android 9, Qwant bug)

Device brand and model:

Fairphone 3

Ratio version:


Problems encountered when using ratio:

Qwant search doesn’t work (Screenshot provided). Seems like that bug is occuring on supported devices also so it might not indicate incompatibility for the Fairphone


Here’s a screenshot showing what happens when I try a qwant search. I can’t interact with it:

Running 3.2.5 now and everything is fine so far, no bugs. :slight_smile:


There are quite a few Qwant related bugs. Maybe it’s 3.2.5 version - Google implementation that has issues as it was introduced in this version.

See here : https://community.blloc.com/t/qwant-default-quick-search-not-working-in-op6-v3-2-5/18373?u=aarsh.majmudar

Running 3.2.6 now and everything seems to be as stable as it is for others. :slight_smile:
(or maybe even more stable since I’m not facing the black screen issue >.<)