Failed to Extract Native Libraries - SM J6

Device brand and model:

Samsung J6 (SM J600-G/DS)

Ratio version: 3.2.3

Problems encountered when using ratio: Can’t Install in step 8 because of /data/local/tmp/bllockmode.apk could not be installed

[Install_failed_NO_matching_ABIS : Failed to extract native libraries , res = -113]

What is the android version you have?

Android 10…

I’ve got the exact same error, with a Xiaomi redmi 6 running android 9…

Haha. I got so excited that they sent me an invitation but here I am. Stuck at some error. I hope they tell us or something.

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@B_Wrath I saw some of your comments, and it seems like my phone is not supported because it’s arm32 or something. My processor is already 64 bit. Will support for 32 bit architectures be possible in the future?

32 bit support is asked to the devs. Not sure if and when it will happen.
ABIS happens when arm implementer is below 81 or if the chipset is 32 bit or android is below 8.1.


@B_Wrath update: since there was a new update, the 3.2.4. i think, it now installs to my phone.

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They probably would have added support for exynos chipset.

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