Fading-in animation in Tiles makes me unable to scroll quickly

After the latest update 6.0.1 rc-12 there appeared a tile animation, which is kinda nice to be honest, but restricts the speed of scrolling … and worsens the experience. Simply I can’t see where I’m scrolling.

Also more of a bug but the tiles are not fullscreen, like if there was some padding on the top and the bottom.

My device is oneplus 8t

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Agreed. Saw this fade-in as well and to me it makes no sense in case of quick and easy use… A nice look indeed but not a good choice when it comes to “reducing” the phone experience…

Small addition to my comment above:
Anytime I open one of the categories the list of apps scrolls up so that the first one or two lines of apps aren’t visible anymore. That’s really annoying. Can you just be set up that the categories reveal the apps by only unfolding downwards? Any ideas to that topic @BllocTeam ?