Expanded tiles not showing fingerlock icon

The expanded tiles are not allowing that cool fingerprint background. But rest of the times are showing it…
In the screenshot below you can see Facebook and linkedin are locked yet they aren’t showing fingerprint background but rest of the regular size tiles are showing that background. And if you guys can notice, the icons of FB and LinkedIn have also disappeared. This happens to any expanded tile if I lock it.
I wish you guys can look into it and fix it

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I’d still recommend to post here: Your Ratio Wishlist

That should be more visible to the developers :wink:

EDIT: Since there IS a fingerprint icon on big tiles (the little one) it seems to me that this isn’t a bug and the devs made it like that intentionally. So it’s best to be put on the wishlist I think

Done! Just posted it there as well… Should i remove it from here?

I don’t really know how easy that would be though, so maybe just let it be here

I think it’s important to also have it on the wishlist and since that’s done now :slight_smile:

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