Error installing. Your device is not supported yet

I was using the launcher before a week in my OP 7. I formatted my whole phone and tried installing but it pops an error saying my device isnt supported.

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If you reset your device you’ll need a new verification code

But where do I have to put my new verification code?
I downloaded bllocdesk from my old download page link. After installing it says this error even before I put my verification code to download blloc. Pls help.

What error can you screenshot it ?

This page comes right after I open bllocdesk

Is the phone connected right now to the laptop? Try to disconnect and only connect once you get to the code part :slight_smile:

Tried disconnecting the phone. Now it asked for the verification code. downloaded ratio and installed and then is pops up in the phone

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Yes. Now you need a new verification code :slight_smile: @Ismael and @adham

Hi, if you’re using a OnePlus 7 we just implemented a fix for that but it’s not out yet, it’s just a matter of hours.
Until then please don’t factory reset your phone as it won’t solve anything and it will make your verification code invalid.


Awesome! You guys rock and are working hard. Cheers team, we are thankful for your work :smiley: