Error installing Ratio

I received the code and downloaded Ratio
but now while installing it shows error.

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I have this issue too.

@harry and @saikasticguy. This is being investigated. Give it a couple minutes. :slight_smile:

Great, appreciate it.

me too, user Xiaomi Mi A3

what device are you using?

@adham I am on a Pixel 3

yes sorry the reason this error shows up is an unsupported device. I believe you received a popup prior with the message, would be great if you click on request device as we check the frequency of requests and hence invest our effort into the next device. cheers.


@adham I have a Oneplus 7T and I have Ratio v1.0.1 installed. I want to update Ratio os to v3.1.6 but the blloc desk is showing error installing the device is not supported yet. What should I do?

thats weird. Can you screenshot the rightside panel when the phone is connected on bllocdesk ?

@adham Here is the screenshot.

@adham thankyou, much appreciated. Waiting eagerly for support soon.

Hey guys, I’m facing the same issue as well. Attaching a screen grab. I have a OnePlus 7.!

This is happening for everyone who have supported devices as per blloc and who doesn’t have supported device as per blloc. This issue will resolve in next update
Hoping for the update soon.

These developers are very curious about blocking for non supported devices instead of expanding the support. Don’t know what kind of policy is this. Please please improve and provide way without using bllocdesk to install a simple android apk in 2020. Please fix this

@anayas.grg Try this from another thread: “I solved this issue by installing Android Studio and running that first. My Mac then allowed the connection via USB Debugging Mode.”

If he is on the 8th step his android was detected and connected over ADB i guess because without that it won’t proceed ahead to step 4